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Preference Positions / Special Character Positions:

To qualify for a preference position, parents need to be in regular attendance at a Bible believing church and have a reference from the pastor to prove this. This process is managed by the school, on behalf of the Proprietor, the Southcity Educational Charitable Trust.

Non-Preference Positions / Non-Special Character Positions:

Non-preference positions are limited by our Integration Agreement with the Ministry of Education. Southcity Christian School may only admit non-preference students if there is capacity to do so, once all preference students have been admitted, and only up to the 10% quota. 

At present we have very limited spaces for non-preference enrolment. We are managing our roll to provide space for preference students as we approach our maximum roll. 

Criteria for Non-Preference positions

  • First Priority enrolment          Sibling of current student at the school
  • Second Priority enrolment      Sibling of former student of the school
  • Third Priority enrolment         Child of former student of the school
  • Fourth Priority enrolment       Child of employee of the school
  • Fifth Priority enrolment          All other applicants

Parents/Caregivers of Non-Preference students agree to pay the Attendance Dues and students participate in all Special Character activities.

An enrolment application form is also available from the school office.