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Room 1                 Mr. Theobald Year 7 & 8


Welcome to Room 1s Webpage. You'll find helpful Google Classroom login hints, homework pages and extra resources available. Scroll down to find information you require.



Technology classes are held on Tuesdays at Mangakotukutuku College (Mountview Road Campus), which is compulsory to attend. Students require covered shoes because of the nature of the equipment they may be around or using. A bus transports the students at 9:15am and when classes are complete the bus returns by 11:30am. There is no moving about, eating or drinking allowed on the bus for obvious reasons. 


Students are required to have full PE gear every day, so having two interchangeable kits is best practice. This includes shorts and a shirt. Sports shoes are advised for athletics, but not required. Usually we have PE on Monday and Thursday, but during Term One and Three we often have PE on most afternoons. Occasionally we have PE on Tuesday, and also on Friday when there is no assembly.


Winter Sports Skills are now underway: Football, Hockey, Rugby Basketball, Netball, & Tapuwae.

School Club Sports: See Mrs. Fullerton for Netball, and Mr. Talsma for Basketball.


Swimming is not taking place this year. We are expecting it to recommence in Term 4 of 2024.


Students attend the Library each Friday after morning tea. The expectation is that they must take out two suitable books each time. If a student hasn’t finished a book, it may be re-issued. A book bag is required to take out a book, as it protects books from spillages in bags.



If you are here because of a lost homework sheet, no worries, you've come to the right place!

A major part of my job is to prepare your child for High School. The routine of Homework is a big part of the programme in Room 1. It is intentionally designed to support major learning throughout the year, which helps to develop good study habits needed for success. Full encouragement and support is valuable in this process. It is intended that it is done every school afternoon…which is greatly appreciated! As the parent, you are not expected to help teach the concepts…but rather to help to check with memorising or retelling facts such as scripture or spellings is also invaluable for your child’s best chance of success. Thank you for your support!

1) Reading is a big part of homework, as is scripture and spelling. Just read a book...preferably a chapter book is best for Year 7 & 8.

2) Scripture Memorisation and Spelling sheets are all here. I'm sure it will be easy to recall which level is being done. If not, something is better than nothing.

3) Any completed homework can simply be recorded into the homework book, with a parent signature next to the listed books that have been read that week. 

4) Reading Review - I'll accept a review that includes the author's name, title, summary, favourite sentence/phrase with a reason and a justified recommendation (e.g. the story was hilarious because the knight kept losing his horse and making mistakes). 

5) Only topic and Mathematics questions aren't available. But these can be picked up on Monday, and completed over the next two school nights.