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Preference Positions / Special Character Positions:

To qualify for a preference position, parents need to be in regular attendance at a Bible believing church and have a letter from the pastor or an elder to prove this. This process is managed by the school, on behalf of the Proprietor, the Southcity Educational Charitable Trust.


Non-Preference Positions / Non-Special Character Positions:

Under our Integration Agreement with the Ministry of Education, Southcity Christian School may take up to 10% of our roll as non-preference positions.


Southcity Christian School may only admit non-preference students if there is capacity to do so, once all preference students have been admitted, and only up to the 10% quota.


At present we have very limited spaces for non-preference enrolment. We are managing our roll to provide space for preference students as we approach our Maximum roll. Our next non-preference place is not likely until 2022.


Maximum roll number for 2021

200 (as set by the Ministry of Education)

Maximum non- preference places allowed

19   (as set by the Ministry of Education)

Current roll number 2021


Current non-preference students in 2021


 Non-preference places available for 2022



Criteria for Non-Preference positions:

Parents/Caregivers of Non-Preference students agree to pay the Attendance Dues and students participate in all Special Character activities.

  • First Priority enrolment – Sibling of current student at the school
  • Second Priority enrolment – Sibling of former student of the school
  • Third Priority enrolment – Child of former student of the school
  • Fourth Priority enrolment – Child of employee of the school
  • Fifth Priority enrolment – All other applicants


Waiting list procedure:

Non-Preference students who cannot enrol immediately may choose to be placed on a waiting list. Applications on this list are wait-listed by the date received and parents/caregivers will be contacted if places become available. At the end of September each year, the list is removed and people apply to be reinstated on the wait list for the following year.


Enrolment information is also available for this school in hard copy from the office.