General Information about Southcity

Parents can request a prospectus, or visit the school to have a look around.

A prospectus containing an enrolment form is sent out to prospective parents.

Parents send an enrolment form to the school. Attached to this must be a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate, immunisation certificate, and a letter from the pastor of your church if you are applying for a preference position.

Only 14 children may be accepted as non-preference positions.

If your child is not a New Zealand citizen, please attach a photocopy of his/her passport.

A letter is sent, advising receipt of enrolment form, and asking parents to make an appointment to meet with the Principal.

After an appointment with the Principal, enrolment is accepted or declined, and parents are advised by letter.

Where there are no spaces available, parents will be advised and names will be placed on a waiting list.