Room 2 Newsletter – Term One 2016  

 Greetings and welcome back to Southcity Christian School for 2016! 

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and summer break, and were able to spend some time relaxing together.  It has been wonderful to spend some quality time with my family and especially welcoming in our new granddaughter born on the 8th January. For those who are new parents to Room 2; I am married to Rob and we have five grown-up children, two of which are married, and two granddaughters.  I am passionate about God and love worship. I enjoy summer, the beach, sailing, diving, cultures, travelling, art, music, cafes, barbeques, and good times with my family and friends.

Before teacher training, I was a teacher aide working with special need students at Frankton Primary for three years, as well as various jobs over the years involving management and leadership roles.

It is my absolute privilege to be teaching your child. I love working in the senior school and take pride in seeing your child grow in confidence and ability throughout their time here. This is my eighth year teaching at Southcity, and for the last four years have been in the role as senior syndicate leader in which I delight in organising events and out of school opportunities for students to learn in various environments.


Aspirations and raising the standard   Welcome to the senior school! This is where your child will be met with new (and sometimes difficult) challenges. They will gain new-found confidence and fortitude, and have opportunities to push themselves outside of their comfort zone!  They will be required to take ownership of their learning, which means regular communication, and learning to become independent and accountable in all aspects of classroom and school life. This is also occasion for you as a parent to encourage and support them in these endeavours, and allow them room to mature.

I will certainly be making demands concerning work load and quality of work, as I believe good work standards set them up for higher level learning.

Work not completed in class time will be completed in students own time.  Should you need to discuss any of this please feel free to communicate with me.


HOMEWORK  Homework will include Spelling, Memory verse, Reading and Maths. Occasionally there will be specific projects set for homework depending on what is happening in class.  There will be no homework issued in the first week back at school. If your family has access to the internet, there are some fabulous links for Literacy and Mathematics learning practice for your child on our classroom website:

There is an expectation that students maintain good study habits by completing weekly homework requirements to consolidate their learning at school. As in every workbook, time and care with homework presentation is essential; as well as being organised to hand it in on time.


BIBLICAL LITERACY   This is an important part of our classroom programme and students are expected to have their own Bible for classroom devotions and tasks.


MATHEMATICS   Groups will be needs based to promote learning and progression. It is important that your child has a solid knowledge of times tables to assist them with their mathematics learning. This will be encouraged with regular classroom challenges. This is an important area where you can help them at home.


READING   Our reading programme is based around the strategies and skills we need to use when reading texts. Bloom’s Taxonomy, Thinking skills and 3 level questioning are some tools that will be used to encourage discussion and deeper thinking. Students will be grouped according to their reading needs. Independent task related activities are also included to further develop reading comprehension. Good reading skills also play a huge part in developing good writing skills.

SPELLING AND WRITTEN LANGUAGE  As part of our spelling programme, students will be engaged in a number of spelling activities that teach them not only to spell and recognise spelling rules, but also to understand their meaning/s and how to correctly use their words in a sentence. Oral language, grammar and writing for different purposes, are also included in this programme.

 PHYSICAL EDUCATION   Physical fitness is a regular part of our programme therefore students need to bring PE gear daily. Correct PE uniform consists of: black shorts (of an appropriate length) or track pants, and a plain blue t-shirt or spare school shirt (no thin strapped tops for girls).  Girls may wear black bike shorts. A drink bottle is also required.


LIBRARY   We have a fantastic range of library books for students to choose from and take home. To ensure they are kept in the best condition, library books will not be taken home without a library bag.  Students must be responsible to bring their library bag to school on a regular basis. Our library day is on a Tuesday. This will start next week.


UNIFORM   It is important that students show respect for the school rules and uphold the standard set at Southcity Christian School. If there is an issue with a part of the uniform, please send a note about it and we can discuss it further. Hats are compulsory for Terms 1 and 4. Please ensure all clothing is named.


EVENTS   There is a lot happening this term! We are privileged to again have some Japanese students visiting us from Hokuriku School in week 2.  Our annual Gallagher’s Swimsafe lessons, Christian Interschool Athletics, and a ‘meet the teacher’ evening are also planned. More information will be sent home about these events closer to the time.


COMMUNICATION   Keep in touch with any concerns or questions that may arise, either by email or arranging a suitable time to meet so I can give you my undivided attention.   

Please email me with your updated email address (if I don’t have it already), as this is a great way to keep you informed and maintain regular contact.

Your child’s education is important to me and I look forward to partnering together with you in their learning.


All the best for a successful 2016!


Blessings to you                                                     

Karen Cunningham  smiley