Issued on Monday – then students take book home for the week and bring back for checking

 on Friday.

 It is a school book and needs to remain neat. I keep a tracking record of each student’s weekly homework

habits.  Please feel free to come in or email me if you need to check on this.

Throughout the year, sometimes new activities are added to their homework - for example: current events.

This incorporates writing as well as reading skills, and a number of other literacy (and sometimes mathematical) skills.

If your child has done their homework but has forgotten to bring their book in on Friday, just email and let me know the details regarding this.



Spelling words are sent home each Monday for students to practice during the week.

From time to time, I may send activities home for them to do with their list words. We have an extensive spelling programme in Room 2, so they are learning their weekly list words in various ways throughout the week.



Your child can read a book from home, the Library or we have some take home books aimed at their general level in their reading group boxes. There is no set amount to read, just as long as they are reading for pleasure on a regular basis. It is best for them to be reading books of interest, particularly fiction chapter books.



Worksheets are given for them to fill out during the week. Try to let them complete what they know first. If they have any queries, please direct them to me to help them first.

These will only be knowledge based at the moment. The main emphasis for now is that they need to brush up on their basic fact knowledge.

 Also you can check out some great interactive links on our classroom website under Room 2 Maths that can help them with this.

Memory verse

Students are expected to practice memorising this each night.  A good way to do this is by speaking it out loud, writing it down, meditating on it and thinking about what it is communicating - or any other way they find to help them is acceptable.

Each day in class, we recite it and do activities relating to the memory verse to help them. This is tested (orally) with me every Friday. I keep a record of this, and those who put in weekly efforts receive a certificate at the end of each term.